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E-Learning projects:

We undertake e-learning content development projects for educational institutions like colleges and schools, software companies, medical domain companies, food industry, government organizations etc.

We offer to develop e-learning products  as under

[1] Online tutorials — Please review one of our tutorial here

[2] Online quizzes — Please check a sample quiz here

[3] Online exam

On site training:

We offer onsite training as per industry requirement for embedded system based projects in following area:

[1] Embedded System Design

[2] Embedded Linux and Linux device driver

[3] RTOS configuration for microcontrollers

[4] Various microcontroller interfaces for embedded projects

Classroom training:

We offer classroom training for following subjects:


[1] Embedded System Design

[2] Linux Operating System

[3] Shell Scripting in Linux

[4] RTOS training

[5] 8051 microcontroller

[6] C Language training

[7] PIC microcontroller

[8] ARM training


Projects can be suggested to students/professionals in the embedded systems field. Project based training will be given to complete the project. Training will be given to project groups personally. Depending on the complexity of the project, fees will be charged.


Project expertise:

Our project expertise is in following area:

[1] Simple embedded systems projects

[2] Feedback control system projects

[3] Linux device driver projects

[4] Embedded Linux projects

[5] RTOS based projects.


Partial List of successfully completed projects:

[1] Data acquisition

[2] Motor control with feedback mechanism

[3] Embedded device driver for ARM board

[4] Networking of embedded system

[5] CAN protocol based data acquisition system

[6] Embedded project using Zigbee modules


NOTE: We are not offering projects but can suggest projects to students/professionals.


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